John Hatch

An Innovator with a Purpose

John Hatch formed Texas Petition Strategies (TPS) in 2003. TPS has now become the leading expert on local option alcohol campaigns in Texas.

TPS has successfully conducted efforts in over 80 Texas communities. These successful efforts will produce millions of dollars in sales and property tax revenue and economic development for their clients. TPS has earned the respect of, and rapport with, mayors, city councils and community leaders around the state.

To understand the success of TPS, one only has to look at the background of its leaders.

John Hatch

John Hatch is recognized as a leading consultant in strategic planning, program implementation, crisis management and media relations in Texas. He brings over 20 years of experience in helping federal, state and local candidates and entities achieve their goals.

John Hatch has been the campaign manager, field director and regional coordinator for three statewide political campaigns in Texas (including Governor Ann Richards). He has worked in numerous political campaigns from local school boards to the White House. He served as the State Field Director for Texas Land Commissioner Garry Mauro, where, at the age of 22, he achieved notoriety for recruiting County Campaign Coordinators in all 254 Texas Counties. Through Hatch's efforts, Mauro had the highest winning percentage of all statewide candidates and went on to run for two more terms.

John Hatch served three years in the Governor Ann Richard's Office, Criminal Justice Division, including the position of Executive Director. He also served one year on Executive Staff coordinating ten "Capital for a Day" programs throughout Texas. This program brought the state's top officials to selected cities in Texas to meet in daylong working meetings with local and regional officials. Hatch was also a key coordinator for the Governor in special events including, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II's official visit to Texas, the Capital Salute to Texas Troops honoring the men and women from Texas who served in Desert Storm, the Presidential Fitness Event in Austin featuring then Director and now Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Hatch also served on the Governor's Inaugural Committee Staff.

Hatch is a graduate of Texas A&M University, receiving the prestigious Buck Weirus Spirit Award and served on Group Staff in the Corps of Cadets. He is involved with his three children's athletics by having served on the Board of Directors of the Hays Youth Baseball/Softball Association. He has also served on the Hays Education Foundation Board of Directors as well as his local chamber Board of Directors. He is active in his church and in the Hays Praise Emmaus Community.