Frequent Partners

Texas Petition Strategies believes in collaboration and teamwork. That's why we have strategic partnerships with other professional consultants around the state. These partnerships bring wide-ranging expertise and added value to our clients.

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Chism Strategies

Chism Strategies serves clients from coast to coast with offices in Washington, DC, Georgia, Mississippi, and Tennessee. With experience up and down the ballot, Chism Strategies helps TPS clients with phone campaigns and political polling. 


Gap Strategies

Gap Strategies helps public officials and private companies succeed at critical policy and communications challenges using new and traditional media. Gap Strategies works to bridge gaps in public understanding all across Texas and assists TPS clients with social and new media strategies, web design, and graphics.

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National Ballot Access

National Ballot Access National Ballot Access is a petition drive management company that promotes direct democracy through the initiative, referendum and recall process. National Ballot Access assists TPS with collecting signatures for ballot initiatives and "wet-up" petitions -- initiatives regarding the sale, distribution, or consumption of alcohol.


Thomas Graphics

Thomas Graphics specializes in offset printing, digital printing, and large-scale direct mail campaigns. Serving the state for over three decades, Thomas Graphics helps TPS clients make their printing projects easy, impactful, and done on time and budget.